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Polygon is a shit

Polygon is a shit Polygon.You' d have lo be ah ' Sewer nurse: It mum' sit mutualBritta:IllIorn.

Why You Should Scare the Crap Out of Yourself for Fun

Why You Should Scare the Crap Out of Yourself for Fun “I don’t like scary stuff,” you tell people—as if it’s an allergy of some kind.According to psychiatrist David Zald, thrilling activities like scary movies and spooky games activate a dopamine response in the brain.

anon overcomes his fears

anon overcomes his fears No.1 879942Anonymous1 hr.

Anon used to be taller than other people.

Anon used to be taller than other people. I Ananymous / 1 7( Stat) : 45in Be me, in high schoolin First year, taller than most peoplein ‘fears age by, stay same height, eberyone elsegets tallerin Final yearin Girl I knew semes up to main class and saysWow Anon, we' re shorter than ajust assumedyour were"in has stalledin "Maybe it' s cause of all the JACKIN' EFF I "What caused your eventual forced teed ferautism by the schewl principal en behalf cf thesafety and wellbeing cf the students at yew schewl.rakt?

Erdogan wants to take Europe

Erdogan wants to take Europe Officials across the continent are expecting Erdogan to square up to Brussels, reinstating the death penalty and demanding visa-free travel within the EU’s Schengen area.The increasingly authoritarian Turkish president, who narrowly won a referendum granting him more control over key areas of the government, made an agreement with the EU to home some three million migrants during the height of the migrant crisis.

deep dark fears comp

deep dark fears comp Why do u think I have autism 4 mns agoLiving in the nice part of town.5 mns agoJust found this actor in IMDB 15 mns agoI Have No Opinion, Do You?