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I'm a goddamn immortal

I'm a goddamn immortal Not loot' sure ifhe actually died, but here goes:has an PE pained 1/ internt Pricea monk who based his entire stuie, both fighting and visual.on Randy Savageshouts about how has an "} DD.

My favorite exchange about this Calvin Klein picture

My favorite exchange about this Calvin Klein picture COMc"" are we Comments we Shares ‘ET?Eve rye haste get edie nded FOR eye rye elsenowadays.

The Dark Side of Thomas the Tank Engine

HOLY FUCK AT THE ENE flit THE BACKGROUNDTH TOOK ITS FUCKING FACE OMGIllain,the early themes the tank engine books are prettystandard stuff.didn' t they also hook up one engine to agenerator, so he' d never move again?

Whats Your Favorite Version?

Whats Your Favorite Version? /pol/ has Antifa on the run 23 hrs agoThe science behind race mixing 20 hrs agoYmir knows what she wants 21 hrs agoKizuna Ai comp the 2nd one 20 hrs agoTwo groundbreaking franchises 20 hrs ago/v/ describes gaming in 2k17 21 hrs agoHistorical photos part 2017 BC 20 hrs ago[Spoiler] Today's plotwist 15 hrs agoAsking the real questions 23 hrs agoIf you're happy and you know it 23 hrs agoWatch people die life comes at you fast edition 20 hrs ago

Fire, Ice, Earth and Air.

Fire, Ice, Earth and Air. Dragon Ball Multiverse 1307-1309 16 mns agoUncle Vinnie's Slightly Used Dank (Pics) #23 27 mns ago"Would you date someone who is obese?" 29 mns agoBill Nye The Mouthpiece Guy 29 mns agoWhen you don't know if a door is push or pull 33 mns ago/pol/lak reveals his power level.