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Pledge To Protect That Smile

Pledge To Protect That Smile Or the ending scene of 'Fast and Furious 7' 6 mns agoTrump asks lawyers about powers to pardon himself 10 mns agoGypsydude will listen to your problems 17 mns agowhen u fat anything is possible 18 mns agoOn your mark, get set.WTF!

Why To Get a PS4

Why To Get a PS4 Well.I think it's money well spent.

Mordred Being a Pussy

Mordred Being a Pussy This Week in Stupid (06/08/2017) 1 mn ago"Bannon made vidyagames right wing" 3 mns agoRick and morty season 3 ep 1 28 mns agoNimsentent Nelsed Ducasiva 32 mns agoGeviolyti Ursan Ovavicotr 32 mns agoIJUST FOUND THE GREATEST THING 50 mns agoWHATS IN YUR RECENTLY UPLOAD CAHE 59 mns agoNice ride bro, but can it do this?1 hr agoCalifornia going literally full retard 1 hr agoDark Souls 3 Challenge Stream CONTINUES!

Like a Butterfly Out a Caccoon

Like a Butterfly Out a Caccoon 7 mns agoDaily News August 13-2017 8 mns agoPulp Girl.15 mns agoPutting simpsons on my wall!