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Just lost some family members

Just lost some family members Hari noMuslims made to answer foractions of Muslims anywhere.But,you bring up slavery to whiteAmerican at it' s "l had nothing totill' l do with that!

This is a "Peaceful Protest"

This is a "Peaceful Protest" I travel through this airport with my family every few months.It is far too easy for those so filled with hatred, that they believe themselves to be loving.

/B/tard goes to America

/B/tard goes to America ego to Americasaget invited for dinner by some dudefor some reasonyhis family seems nice enoughsthe food is so sweet I almost throwspuddenly the daughter of the familyfarts really loudlytheing raised well I pretend that Ididn' t notice anythingabut the father stands up and walksover to his daughterEmilee and suddenly yells FARTPERCY and squeezes out the mostvile mixture of noise and smell Weeverseensothe entire family starts farting andlaughing in the middle of dinnerthank them for the dinner andliterally bolt out the doorto hail a calysaget shot

These 22 hidden game techniques will totally change the way you play

These 22 hidden game techniques will totally change the way you play It's ok, you can admit it - we've been there too.Now thanks to the rise of the impossibly skilled and precise speedrunning community, we can see that we've pretty much been doing that with every video game ever.

Anon and his hamster.

Anon and his hamster. 5 Anonymous 02/ 1 6/ 1 '7( Tht) 23: 62ttr Be 9 year old meGet a paratrooper Action h/ lan withparachute4 > Tie parachute to family hamster109 KB JPG ts Drop it from the tth floorWatch the hamster crash on thegroundOld lady nearby starts to scream in horrorToo much of a pussy to get downstairs to retrieve thecorpseIN/ lam gets home, finds the dead hamster and molds meRemember my dad laughing his ass off when she toldhim what I did in the evening