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Australian NSW Police Shitpost

Australian NSW Police Shitpost GOD EMPEROR: WE SHALL TAKE THE STARS 23 hrs agowhite should stay in their own nations 15 hrs agoBest way to give a girl your number 22 hrs agoNow thats what I call game journalism 22 hrs ago3 year-old trans children should be respected 21 hrs agoI think they did that on purpose.20 hrs agoWho are they gotta go after next?

Burger Anon Counting On Brazilian Fag.

Burger Anon Counting On Brazilian Fag. Keep in mind ME:A release 22 hrs agocaught in the act attempting to break into a property 22 hrs agoAND WE'RE THE GAME GRUMPS 22 hrs agoSince someone on here said they didn't like Dave Grohl 21 hrs agoI didn't know what I expected 22 hrs agoJust gonna let you know I was allowed to steal these.17 hrs agoSo how many rupees will it be?

Anon becomes an alcoholic

Anon becomes an alcoholic MI File: 148458070216.n (18 KB, 509x411)Alright ml tell me what you did thathaunt you to this dayrite mebet fagthis girl from my Highschool shewas 1510 no ass nor tits but those thighsmanwas anything , her firstboyfriend , kiss y the first guy to fingerher.

Anon is a Fag

Anon is a Fag My dad is not pleased with this fact.Half the time his homophobia doesnt even make sense.

anon meets a /pol/ fag for the first time

anon meets a /pol/ fag for the first time 6 min.ago onrebe blackaboard busrawhide guy is talking to his friend really loudlyllook at himshe noticesWHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU AT"r-" I' M SICK OF PEOPLE STARING AT N/ IE LIKE I' M193.