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Daily dose of knowledge !!

Daily dose of knowledge !! Has anyone seen Wonder Woman yet?22 hrs agoWhen someone apologizes sincerely in the middle of an argument 23 hrs agoSome Anons from /pol/ had some fun with a billboard 12 hrs agoHow to ruin someone's day 22 hrs agoAnon explains the lack of White Walkers in GOT 22 hrs ago

Not So Kickass Facts #3

Not So Kickass Facts #3 Planetary annihilation titans is fun 3 mns agoThat's just called being gay 12 mns agoSPEED's Intro to the 2012 Formula One Season 12 mns agoDeep sea fisherman catch the most bizarre fish 36 mns agoBoku no Hero academia comp 37 mns agoWholesome: Vietnam vet with Dementia helped by Colonel 39 mns agoMass Effect looks amazing.45 mns agoGwenpool getting cray-cray 52 mns agoIf a male cared about feminists he should just kill himself 1 hr agoVandalism Comp, only new stories 1 hr ago