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Cast of the Seven Godsends Redux Review

Cast of the Seven Godsends Redux Review I have a small confession to make.I am not in fact old enough to remember the glory days of the arcade.

Ash You Dumb Fuck

Ash You Dumb Fuck Star Wars: Rogue One Story TrailerBy:5 mns ago Playing catch with my 6 year old.By:10 mns ago Pack Street: A Tensed SpringBy:11 mns ago Old enough to know betterBy:14 mns ago The old guys face though.

Monster Fact Comp: King Kong

Not just a monster, but rather a species, it was thought that Kong was the last of his species, until a female was found in Borneo.Of course, being labelled as a Kaiju, Kong couldn't stay away from crossing over with Godzilla at least once.

Divide and Conquer : Milo

Divide and Conquer : Milo I am not defending Milo's words and frankly I disagree completely.I simply do not believe kids as young as mid teens are mentally or emotionally capable of understanding what a sexual relationship entails.