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Scientists invent machine that can (sort of) read your mind

Neuroscientists have devised a way for an fMRI to read a person’s mind… sort of.The process of recreating faces from brain activity started with a training phase.

Daily News Feb-19-2017

Daily News Feb-19-2017 So far two candidates have announced that if they win, they will end Assange's

Imperial Officer Ted Cruz...

Imperial Officer Ted Cruz... Meanwhile, in the western world 23 hrs agoHave XCom 2, Haven't Tried It Yet 22 hrs agowhere they burn books, soon they burn people 02/25/2017Boy that escalated quickly.22 hrs ago"It was just a prank, bro" 20 hrs agobeing the lawbringer be like 23 hrs agoYou were definitely asking for it, fool.

Your name could shape your face, new study suggests

Your name could shape your face, new study suggests But what if your appearance, particularly your face, somehow reflected the name you were given at birth?A new study suggests that each person's face, insanely enough, could actually be shaped by his or her name.

the many faces of /r9k/

the many faces of /r9k/ E Anonymous 03105117( Sun) 10: 12: 22 ' 18041Anon, how come you always playas a girl character in videogames?'102 KB JPGE Anonymous 0310511 7( Sun) 19: 12: 53 'because i don' t know how to be a man5 Anonymous 031051’ ( Sun) 10: 13: 39Cause it' s the only way I can make a girl do what Iwant her to do.

Things with faces comp

Things with faces comp Your browser does not support the video tag.Your browser does not support the video tag.