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Ahmed tells a story

Ahmed tells a story Be Ahmedabe immigrant inWork very hardenaugh money buy carto drive itam Allah it' s harder than riding a camelBy Allah its going fastLose centrel of that Shaken creationto slow down by scratching the wheels against wallsStupid french infidels go in my waystudents are he good when it comes to slowing a car downStart praying loudlySallah Akbar I Allah Akbar IFinally manage to step the carDecide be a good citizen and infirm the government about dangerous Shaitan deviceRacist policeman tries to stop mecalmly argue with my knife like we do in my reentryThings go out of contolshotup in paradiseEveryone think I did my JihadAllah gives me " virginsaway are Britishfmfiw they have bad teethI wish I had my goat

Know thy enemy 2

Know thy enemy 2 Mass Demonetization By Youtube 22 hrs agoJontron removed from jontron 21 hrs agoif you love your work, it will show 23 hrs agoTRAPS ARE GAYYY CONFIRMED 21 hrs agoJustin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #33 20 hrs agoKirby dev team attemps to draw him by hand 18 hrs agopolitically incorrect surveys 23 hrs agoPlaying By The Same Rules 16 hrs agoAfter all these years the real main character was.22 hrs agoGot a Job interview soon?