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'We are united in grief': Solemn Obama addresses Orlando massacre

President Barack Obama was solemn and brief as he addressed the United States on Sunday following a mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando that left at least 50 people dead, the deadliest such shooting in American history.It is a place of solidarity and empowerment.

‘Immediate Riots’ if Marine Le Pen Wins

‘Immediate Riots’ if Marine Le Pen Wins Click to block a category: ironstorm prev nextrandomComment PrevTopNextComment French Philosopher Predicts ‘Immediate Riots’ if Marine Le Pen Wins PresidencyFrench leftist-anarchist philosopher Michel Onfray claims if anti-mass migration presidential candidate Marine Le Pen wins the French presidency, there will be immediate riots in the streets.”The philosopher said that Le Pen may have a tougher time than she thinks against the elites in the European Union.