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UK FJers, explain this

UK FJers, explain this Last Updated: Friday, 21 September 2007, 13: 21 GMT 14: 21 UKE Femail this to a friend a Printable versionPolice defend drowning death caseSharia UK: London policedive into canal to rescueQur' ansNOVEMBER 22.CDA' v' ll'Police chiefs have defendedtwo community supportofficers did notenter the water as a IO-boy drowned in apond.

joke a day 58

A soldier ran up to a nun.Out of breath he asked, "Please, may I hide under your skirt.

How to win an argument

Yr V9 MAKE DIRECT EYE CONTACT WHILE YOU LISTENT '_ raisersI-‘ Moe - n vow statusas soon as may start '' we wanee ACKNOWLEDGE WHAT YOU CAN RELATE TO AND WHYstar" _ mrfmum mole atandt, tat.

br? br? br? in the IDF

br? br? br? in the IDF And another dude was from South Africa (some just could't believe him) low educated Israelis (or people anywhere in the world) sometimes focus a lot in stereotypes.He grew up in a Druze village in the north next to an Arab-Israeli village.