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Gunters, to your headsets! ‘Ready Player One’ to get unique VR experiences

Gunters, to your headsets! ‘Ready Player One’ to get unique VR experiences It’s time to don your headset and gloves and brush up on your Joust skills, as Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One is edging every closer to release.To celebrate the upcoming year’s lead-in to its debut, Warner Bros and HTC have partnered to create a number of unique virtual reality companion experiences for the hotly anticipated film.

Robot experiences the gay handshake

Robot experiences the gay handshake skoalking an the campus, heading home after alecturedrweird black guy stops me and starts aconversationretells me his name and offers his hand for ahandshakewhynot.jpgmrshake hands with mer" Say bro, are there any LGBT clubs aroundhere?

Tribeca Film Festival is ground zero for these pioneering VR experiences

Tribeca Film Festival is ground zero for these pioneering VR experiences After last year’s impressive slate of virtual reality experiences, the Tribeca Film Festival decided to up the ante and feature 29 new experiences at its Virtual Arcade exhibit.Digital Trends has narrowed down the field of VR experiences to the five best.

anon's tf2 experience

anon's tf2 experience File: (20 KB., 146x146)ITT: Best online gaming experienceslaying TFAsaet my name to President Dwain Trumpo,) oin red teamPstart talking to the guys m my team1* -Start saying we need to build a wall to keep the terrorists outEntire team becomes engineerswe fortify the everyting shit out of our intel room with sentry gunsand dispensersgame I was the top player on my teamstints kicked a kid m em team who said he was Mexican

Maybe it's bad parenting?

Maybe it's bad parenting? Fattie gets denied by own brother 35 mns agoWho wouldn't do the exact same thing?42 mns agoIndoctrinate them when they are little.

/x/ You're not my friend!

/x/ You're not my friend! File: (227 KB, 390x300)FIT: Spooky personal experiencesbbe me, driving down back mad with my friend at nightI gotta take a shit, can yeu pull up somewhere?upto a gas station nut in fucking nowhereruiend rushes into stationnut in the small let right nexter the stationpstart fucking around en my phoneChick lighter afew timesamazement out ofthe Lerner of my eyedent see anything but blacknessChairs stand up en endmissus Christ friend, take a shit and lets fuckingsleek in rearview mirrorsees friendsleek at him closeryhis face doesn' t seem normalssomething is very wrongshe gets in the caryhe' s completely silentas hellkl suddenly get a textin my seatwe my friend meshe' s asking ifi want anything fram the storeIS IN MY CAR, TS NOT MY FRIENDTennessee I have to pissmet nut effer slowlyreprint to storeHun up to my friend, who is browsing the gumthere is entente in Mercer as I panics we both drop eur shit and run outsidewe ene is in the car, the deer is epinewe slide into my car and peel nut in the parking letI haven' t gone back to that place since, and nothing like that has happened since.

br? br? br? in the IDF

br? br? br? in the IDF And another dude was from South Africa (some just could't believe him) low educated Israelis (or people anywhere in the world) sometimes focus a lot in stereotypes.He grew up in a Druze village in the north next to an Arab-Israeli village.