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Conan Exiles Coming to Steam Early Access, RPG Mechanics Revealed

After reading the new Conan Exiles Reddit AMA that Funcom hosted and learning about the game's character progression system, guild mechanics, NPC factions, and more, I'm confident that the title has enough RPG elements in it to call for continued coverage here in these halls through to its release and beyond.And that release is going to begin on September 13th, as the team plans to release the survival RPG (I can call it that now, right?

Conan Exiles System Requirements, Server Types and Mod Support

Conan Exiles System Requirements, Server Types and Mod Support Preceding that, Funcom has updated the game's Steam page to include the minimum and recommended system requirements: Additionally, a new developer blog post describes the way Conan Exiles' servers are going to be set up.Apart from the common these days official servers, players will have the opportunity to host their own dedicated servers to play alone or with their friends.

Conan Exiles "Building in the World of Conan" Video

Conan Exiles "Building in the World of Conan" Video In further anticipation of the game's January 31st release on Steam Early Access, Funcom treated us to a new "Building in the World of Conan" video for Conan Exiles earlier today.In it, creative director Joel Bylos and lead designer Oscar Lopez Lacalle give us "a unique glimpse into the building, the crafting, and the many different ways players can destroy their enemies’ settlements in Conan Exiles.

Conan Exiles Domination Video

Conan Exiles Domination Video With just over a week to go before the game launches on Steam Early Access, Funcom has released a new four-minute "Domination" video that features the Conan Exiles development team talking about the open-world survival RPG and "how players must engage in savage war and brutal combat to dominate the Exiled Lands." Gods and avatars certainly appear to be a big theme: