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English in a nutshell

English in a nutshell Cute Stuff (Aioi Yukko Edition) 4 mns agoSoccer balls replaced with cats 8 mns agoBuying budge candles at walmart.15 mns agoTrust your instruments and hope for the best 18 mns agoThere are two kinds of horses in this world.

bias and cherry picking

bias and cherry picking Idsediomet Enit Emardisso 10 mns agoHAW Comp 18 - Human's drink poison!21 mns agoThe Left Can't Meme - Libtard Fails 38 mns agoI see ICE is getting creative with their tactics 41 mns agoNumbers That Are Too Creepy to Call 51 mns agoDefending Europe from NGOs Destabilization 1 hr agoHow it feels to play Tanks in Paladins 1 hr ago

Save it for the weekend

Save it for the weekend where did you come from, where did you go?1 mn agoWe've all been waiting for this 17 mns agoIt's all downhill from there 18 mns agoFirearms 101: Is it a CLIP or a MAGAZINE?

a random avatar gif comp + some trivia

In the unaired pilot, Katara's character was named Kya.Both of Sokka's romantic partners have names that mean "moon", as "Yue" and "Suki" (as the anglicized version of "Tsuki") both refer to the moon in Chinese and Japanese, respectively.