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Anon sums up Super Bowl 51

Anon sums up Super Bowl 51 i Anonymous (ID: ') E02/ 06/ 17( Mon) 16: 30: 09.111302240ttom brady is outspoken trump fanfresults in libs everywhere rooting for atlanta falconseven people who dont follow football)down at halftimebeatroots score 25 unanswered points to tie the gamechrst overtime in 51 years of superbowl historyinsane catches by the patriots along the waygoogle feelman catch)beatroots win coin tosssstill have the momentumtstorm down the field and score a TDpprobably the most epic superbowl of all timebstrong white man Tom Brady sets new superbowl recordfor passing yardseonly quarterback in history to win five superbowl ringseevery liberal tweeted "fuck trump patriots getting rektlel" at halftimewall of them were wrongin the highest degreeasalt fucking everywherevindicated again (he predicted patriots win by 8,they won by 6)wwe CANNOT stop winning even if we tried

Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast

Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast sedge fer heme.scock weeping prac um everywhereppoint of no returnkeister and her friend bust into my reemfreeze staring at me furiously beating efft stop because past point tof returnwere it comesslew grunt as the first thick rope sheets like 3 feet in the air and splashes acre's my leg and hits the flew nearthemmeet tof the chefs land en my stomach and crotchoonce i finish they quickly leave the reemhence post orgasmic bliss wears eff completely stratifiedmister never mentions it but sisters friend teld all her friendsuse next time i saw her she called me