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System Shock 2 Free on GOG Galaxy Until June 10, GOG Summer Sale Live

To help stress test their GOG Galaxy client, the folks at GOG have made System Shock 2 free for 48 hours, provided the title is redeemed through the aforementioned client.Additionally, plenty of games are currently discounted, as part of the Summer Sale that's just started on the service.

22 player multiplayer support confirmed for F1 2016

22 player multiplayer support confirmed for F1 2016 Arriving on August 19th 2016 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, F1 2016 will take the real world sport to the next level with a gird full of players competing for every corner and screaming down every straight.Additionally, the introduction of the Formation Lap, the warming of tyres and manual starts will ensure the immersive feel is even greater.

Top Ten WORST Pokemon Ever

Top Ten WORST Pokemon Ever Ah Pokemon: is there anything more unifying in any medium?It seems that no matter where you look , Pokemon can be found: its one of the few shared obsessions of society at large.

Manual Samuel Hands On Preview

Manual Samuel Hands On Preview Most games I have played in my lifetime have usually started with some sort of tutorial or given aids, with a future option to disable them.One thing I can’t recall however was the last time a game required me to control every aspect of my character’s life to ensure they manage to make it through the day as the norm.