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Wait, I don't have a girlfriend?

Wait, I don't have a girlfriend? Moedred Santa Lily and her Reindeer 16 mns agodeathbulge SHOWDOWN BROTHER 17 mns agoI can do that, I just chose not to 38 mns agoOnly one cup of tea a day?42 mns agoRule34 comments over stock photos 47 mns agoThis Was Done Purposefully 51 mns agoBehind the meme, slaughterer of dankness 57 mns agoThe retarded adventures of Tom and Dave 1 hr ago

Oh Japan, don't ever change

Oh Japan, don't ever change Making a 1000 ROCKET launch Bike 6 snds agoYou can jump, but can you dance 15 mns agoRising of the Shield Hero ch.5 33 mns agoCan't Malarkey the Starkey 52 mns agoWhat have you done, Dave?

Anon drives while drunk

Anon drives while drunk 1 Anonymous741937860 t 13.08 09: 10: 39 AMJPEG 572x572 44 KBWhats the worst you ever fucked up?