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Anon goes to a bar

Anon goes to a bar stff arrive at bar with friendsstff order politely, say thank you etc.stff female bartenders and waitresses lookat you with disgusts like I' m infringing on their right to notserve any betasr: -a group of loud obnoxious Chads walk inFemale staff almost soils themselves allsmiles and flirtyz: -Ty yo give me a pint of beer"Wright away :)))anyone know this feel?


YOU DARE AWAKE INFURNUS THE MIGHTY?! Despite the burning, I've actually found it quite nice how often I've been freed from your pants prison.Incidentally, did you know that your small intestines are 20 feet long, allowing for this exquisitely long message?

Ronnie Cleans His Banana

Ronnie Cleans His Banana I haven't had a good night's sleep in days (feels like weeks)Now that I'm back home why not end my/the day by posting some good old Whomp?Their rebuttal is obviously that the crops will be destroyed, but I posit that the strong plants will survive, creating new plants that will better survive napalm.