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The Banner Saga 2 Reviews

The Banner Saga 2 Reviews Much like its predecessor, The Banner Saga 2 -- which is going to be officially released in a few hours -- has received positive scores and assessments for critics, who seem to have loved the game's art style and atmosphere and generally enjoyed the improved mechanics.The writing, though, seems to have received far more criticism, with reviewers occasionally complaining about the fact that new players aren't introduced to the world properly, or that the story suffers from being a middle chapter.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 - PS4 Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 - PS4 Review | Chalgyr's Game Room Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 is a more polished game than its predecessor.Some of the nagging bugs from the first game were cleaned up, level design is better and there is simply more to do.

Father and Son Time Part 2

I told younot to move from your place ' I l C.And she forced me to help her save berserkboyfriend from that gangster, JabbaOh about thal.

Roll to be king

Roll to be king Inb4 it isnt actual history 9 mns ago/fit/ Whale Hunting Stories 13 mns agoOVERWATCH NOIR : Tracer & McCree 14 mns agoProbopass has a pretty cool fighting style actually 17 mns agoAlways calls on the kid who doesn't raise their hand 24 mns agoAssassinations is a dish best Serbed cold 24 mns agoWhich Civ game should I get?36 mns agoI like these poses Ash does now when commanding his Pokemon 37 mns ago