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GC: cringe comp 15

guy gets sucker punched by female then delivers equality 19 hrs agoNow that's dedication to the role 22 hrs agoWe live in the dankest time of human history 22 hrs agoIn FIFA 94, you could run away from the referee when he books you 23 hrs agoRobots discuss who they should give up their seat to 23 hrs agoThe naked truth about IT in 2017 18 hrs ago

Anon watches Spider-Man: Homecoming

Anon watches Spider-Man: Homecoming =: =" Do you enjoy the Washington Monument?can' t enjoy something made by slaves"starts whooping loudlywomen start crying tears of joy.

GC: comp of dankness 22

GC: comp of dankness 22 41 snds agoGovernment Can't Fix Healthcare 2 mns agoIts great that The Doctor is a woman.but why not a black woman?