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ay ay ay ay yaaaa

ay ay ay ay yaaaa A day without immigrants in school 12 hrs agoTheres Always a Lighthouse 15 hrs agoFirst encounter of the Ronnie kind 22 hrs agoA Tale of Two Rulers Part 95 23 hrs agoGeorge Soros Under Investigation 12 hrs agoAll Pewdiepie is a nazi articles 17 hrs agoIt's like it was made for me 19 hrs ago

Anon reads about African operators

Anon reads about African operators This reminds me of something I read from theBush Warrecover enemy rifles after eachengagementkeep finding rifles with the rear sight dialedin to the highest setting, practically fuckingindirect firesohey are extremely confused by thisEssentually they ask a prisoner about it duringinterrogationLitterally none of them know what the sights arefor, they think that choosing the bigger numbermakes the gun shoot harderWarfare in Africa is truly unbelievable

Know thy enemy 2

Know thy enemy 2 Mass Demonetization By Youtube 22 hrs agoJontron removed from jontron 21 hrs agoif you love your work, it will show 23 hrs agoTRAPS ARE GAYYY CONFIRMED 21 hrs agoJustin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #33 20 hrs agoKirby dev team attemps to draw him by hand 18 hrs agopolitically incorrect surveys 23 hrs agoPlaying By The Same Rules 16 hrs agoAfter all these years the real main character was.22 hrs agoGot a Job interview soon?

‘The Surge’ combat trailer shows that the game isn’t a simple Souls clone

‘The Surge’ combat trailer shows that the game isn’t a simple Souls clone The Surge, a science-fiction action-RPG from the developers of Lords of the Fallen, might look like a basic Souls clone at first glance, but Deck13’s latest game features intense, acrobatic combat that brings its own unique style to the genre.In the game’s “Combat” trailer, we’re given a look at the many ways you’ll be able to dismantle and destroy enemies.

float like a cacoon???

float like a cacoon??? How much has Trump accomplished in 100 days?4 mns agoPh'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.