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How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother did i make it in time?still topic right?

Honesty has its value

Honesty has its value Because, if you look closely enough, things begin to appear 32 snds agoLittle problems require little measures 2 mns agoThese commies are quick to turn on each other 6 mns agoTrump got Stumped after he Humped.13 mns agoHave the science gone too far?

Is this journalist serious?

Is this journalist serious? tit Elk ti' tatt , EuniceIn the end, Mr.Trump ended up delivering both of theseimagined speeches - combined as one, And it worked, CentralEurope appreciated the president' s speech.

Jared's career ended as it began

Jared's career ended as it began rank Settimio Stringini is the lead artist and animator for the p 3 mns agoFrank Stringini - The Stringini Bros - Artist for RODGER RAMROD 5 mns agoboxxy for know who you are.