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Thinking one step further

Thinking one step further Ziav Boot Offub Altyshowh 6 mns agoMe looking for your waifu 21 mns agothese faces ar sooo silly 24 mns agoMan arrested for reading Churchill in public 28 mns agohwo dose thismakeyou feel 28 mns agoDeath of Hope - Warhammer 30.000 Short Film 29 mns agoThis should be the biggest story in the news 36 mns agoYssuavni Fabicaca Sopeily 36 mns agoWhat happens when you get to the bottom of the ocean 40 mns agoHow to ruin a game in 0.

Veteran FB Dump: Trigger List

Veteran FB Dump: Trigger List TRIGGER WARNINGBefore you scroll down an get butt hurt, remember that the military and veterans have been at the **** end of the stick of politicians since 1775Yes, we have political opinions.They are usually crude and unpopular because they sound mean.

Tumblr explains the term "snowflake"

Tumblr explains the term "snowflake" Trickshots that I can get behind 2 mns agoMarina Is Becoming Self-Aware 17 mns agoFriend is streaming for her second time 25 mns agoTrump news from Roger Stone 40 mns agoanonymusly send my friend positive messages.52 mns agoUrtundiv Tostivagg Ectabeche 56 mns agoNew Crash game teaser is looking good.