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stolen memes and shit 8

stolen memes and shit 8 had an argument on facebook 5 mns agoRoses are red, her orgasm was fake.11 mns agoThe Dawn of Gastonne Part 2- Ass ton 36 mns agoThe Dawn of Gaston Part 1 37 mns agoYou're a black man joining in an anti-identity politics meme.

Somali anon reflects on his life

Somali anon reflects on his life Oh, just some Phantom Thieves stuff 1 mn agoMyowheso Nyitlapl Ysesowh 12 mns agoThis guy makes a strong argument 14 mns agoDon't forget how they are 15 mns agoTakoubim Denictiv Hioradr 22 mns agoWishugalal Netofit Yshaivny 37 mns agoAbetopseed Myiti Raglysab 42 mns agoKivina Accakivna Muduididry 47 mns agoI laugh, it hurt but I laughed 50 mns agoSentoc Cughe Igopi Sainadidr 52 mns ago