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Thomas Edison, Boy Genius

Thomas Edison, Boy Genius "But How Come His Posts Get Upovoted And Mine Don't!" - 23 hrs ago/pol/ack on the incoming Third World War 20 hrs agoWhat a real pussy looks like 23 hrs agoThese shows are still going on 21 hrs agoSidon thinks you're the best and so do I 22 hrs agoYou think being obese is cute?

Every sign has a story

Every sign has a story Insert Rick and Morty joke here.6 mns agoIts Getting Cold Remember To Stay Warm 41 mns agoThe hero of time in a Disney movie 42 mns agoJJ Abrams pitches episode 9 plot 50 mns agoDrew this last night (idk was feeling bored) 54 mns agoWhen Mousesama Robs a Store 1 hr ago