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Perfect men don't ex

Perfect men don't ex Edit InfoGary, 22less than a mile awayThis app fuels the female egotisticaland narcissistic nature by giving themthe seffie culture they crave and atsmorgasbord of cock to choose from.This in turn transforms most of thesegirls into picky bitches with shittyattitudes, who believe they arespecial snowflakes".

spy vs spy meme

spy vs spy meme Patrick Stewart talks about his PP.18 hrs agoOverly Attached Girlfriend 21 hrs agoCNN is failing so miserably 21 hrs agoJustin's Wholesome Meme/Comics #27 10 hrs agoThe Monster Under the Bed - 117 19 hrs agoThat's not terrifying at all.

islam comp: In Geert we trust edition.

islam comp: In Geert we trust edition. Edit: I put the wrong list in the content, sorry for the notification Tomorrow I have an assasement and if I pass I can enroll in a 3 month course that would normally cost thousands of euro's, but I can get it for free.I have to get up a few hours earlier than I'm used to by now, and tomorrow are the elections.