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Dungeons & Dragons/D&D Beyond Video Commentary

Dungeons & Dragons/D&D Beyond Video Commentary The teams at Wizards of the Coast and Curse have been chatting about all things Dungeons & Dragons over at the D&D Beyond website, and that's led to the availability of three new videos that feature some great commentary about The Forgotten Realms campaign setting, the game's monsters and villains, and the creation of dungeons.While these videos are focused on the tabletop game and are not specifically video game related, they are still great supplements for all previously released and future D&D-set CRPGs: Excerpts from the commentary offered in the video have been made available , , and , and I've included the snippets on The Forgotten Realms below:

That Girl Interrupts a Run

That Girl Interrupts a Run I' m a lesbian!She doesn' t want to flirt, she' s trying to hire a group of extralegal mercenaries to commit corporate fraud.

That Guy Fucked Up

That Guy Fucked Up File: That guy removed by (45 KB, 1320x654)Let this guide you.I' had something similar happen, only it involved a bro and that guy using kerosene and ended with a 10 year sentence and a payout of about 120, 000 USU.

Dungeons & Dragons/D&D Beyond Video Commentary, Continued

Dungeons & Dragons/D&D Beyond Video Commentary, Continued If you've ever wanted to learn more about the lich Acererak, the intricacies of character alignment, the life of chest-cloaking Mimics, various regions and dungeons within the Forgotten Realms, and other general Dungeons & Dragons-related stuff, then I'm going to continue to point you at , where many such articles and videos now exist.Seven of those videos are embedded below: And then I'll share some snippets from the transcriptions that populate the related articles: