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Geaorge Ciccariello is dumb

Geaorge Ciccariello is dumb hihi tur- ' it Fhmw asSome guy gave up his first class seat for auniformed soldier.Peeple are thanking him.

BLM is fucking dumb

BLM is fucking dumb gun BLM Philly @ Nip''ME He made that choice and we have mademini“ ours.White people can support us but theycannot attend our meetings.

Freshly stolen Meme Dump #4

Freshly stolen Meme Dump #4 The separation of trash and can 23 hrs agoConsole-tan Short; aznzeus is a faggot 22 hrs agoAnon suggests how to commit suicide 19 hrs agoGLORY TO THE FIRST ORDER!22 hrs agoSuper Secret Dank Meme Dump #2 21 hrs agoThe hunt for the szechuan sauce 22 hrs ago(((Anon))) was never invited 19 hrs agoJust a picture of America 21 hrs agoAnything's possible for 4chan 22 hrs agoSaints Row 2 is free on Steam and GOG.