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Explosion in Russian subway

Explosion in Russian subway 10 people have been killed and at least 20 more injured due to explosions in the St Petersburg metro system.Mr Putin has stated the Kremlin is considering all causes, including terrorism.

/pol/ on fat-positive mirrors

/pol/ on fat-positive mirrors A high wheel In California has done away An Drum DUE (ID: -with ryhorn in Its ' bathroom and M/ / ITT/?anont make this shit up.

Bee movie joke here

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/pol/ on amazon's new series "Black America"

/pol/ on amazon's new series "Black America" Anon's First Autistic Moment 7 mns agoWhat we gonna do on this bed, Ivy?19 mns agoThe Heroic Chronicle of Cat-O Sicarius 24 mns agoRoses are red, Life has no meaning.