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With all due respect...

With all due respect... reminder that this retard wants to run for office 22 hrs agoWhen you finally find a legendary item in an RPG 19 hrs agoHow you know you're at the right party 17 hrs agoWEEE, MY FIRST POST HERE!19 hrs agoPerhaps one of the greatest stories ever told 19 hrs ago

Anon gets fired over free pizza.

Anon gets fired over free pizza. File: chair_ ipg as its )j, id Anyone else ever been fired due to their weight?to work at Pizza Hut as a delivery driverPpretty heftAabout?

blood of the young

blood of the young W picks up painting as a hobby.20 hrs agoDO YOU HAVE BRAIN DAMAGE?

Explosion in Russian subway

Explosion in Russian subway 10 people have been killed and at least 20 more injured due to explosions in the St Petersburg metro system.Mr Putin has stated the Kremlin is considering all causes, including terrorism.

/pol/ on fat-positive mirrors

/pol/ on fat-positive mirrors A high wheel In California has done away An Drum DUE (ID: -with ryhorn in Its ' bathroom and M/ / ITT/?anont make this shit up.