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her surgeon body shamed her

p help the JammerHow' s this for body shaming?I' m due to have a double mastectomy next Monday, Iwent to see a plastic surgeon about having a fullreconstruction.

ZI Podcast Ep. 004: Breath of the Wild & NX Speculation

We've arrived at our first episode of the Zelda Informer Podcast after the whirlwind of information that hit us during E3 2016.There is a lot to go over, but before I get into what we cover this week I wanted to note that we do not talk about our E3 bets in this episode due to Alfred having internet issues and quite honestly due to my life being so busy I have not been able to compile the results just yet.

SJW comp: Patriotic spring edition

SJW comp: Patriotic spring edition Context, some guy tweeted a question from a middle school history exam.The question is why it would be better to call the PVV (Party For Freedom) the Party for Restricion of Freedom.

Don't mean to point fingers but...

Don't mean to point fingers but... l!ft' rallNearly 200, 000 Californians evacuated due to theOakville Darn reaching a likely catastrophic failure.