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Gays on a Plane

Gays on a Plane 2 gay men are travelling" on a plane.Here, on the plane?

Body types men like

Body types men like You think being obese is cute?20 hrs agoWhen you order same day shipping and it's 11:59pm 20 hrs agoWhen someone compliments my holiday cheer 19 hrs agoTruly an Inspiration To Gamers Everywhere 11 hrs agoIs it possible to have a post-apo game without zombies?

Japan bringing the bantz

Japan bringing the bantz You seduce a chick there and give them a nice solid American dicking, and their little "midnight rendezvous" affects them the next morning.I mean who the **** would want to go there when Maine is right there if you want depressing Wuthering heights style scenery.

Anon talks about his job

Anon talks about his job i AnonymousI found this job on8' 1'' i' craigslist for this old dude,w.llxiri" So he obsessed withpickles and he hired me tomeasure every pickle in16 KB We every jar he buys, (He' llbuy maybe 40 at a time, and hes rich asfuck btw) So he will call me and I' ll spendabout 3 hours measuring pickles.