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Because I'm happy

Because I'm happy pol/ on Trump's Refugee Ban 22 hrs agoMonday's Cute Things - 30/1/2017 21 hrs agoMemorable Bosses of DSIII 23 hrs agoI'm a spider, so what?Ch 14.

Whatever Happened to M dude Jones

Whatever Happened to M dude Jones But I've found that the most effective technique is telling them about the Ronnie.The elders believe I'm telling tall tales of the massive disappointment of a human that you are.

/B/tard goes to America

/B/tard goes to America ego to Americasaget invited for dinner by some dudefor some reasonyhis family seems nice enoughsthe food is so sweet I almost throwspuddenly the daughter of the familyfarts really loudlytheing raised well I pretend that Ididn' t notice anythingabut the father stands up and walksover to his daughterEmilee and suddenly yells FARTPERCY and squeezes out the mostvile mixture of noise and smell Weeverseensothe entire family starts farting andlaughing in the middle of dinnerthank them for the dinner andliterally bolt out the doorto hail a calysaget shot

Random interesting facts for y'all

Random interesting facts for y'all Not so good trash but happy trash 16 hrs agoAnon figures out he isn't smart 02/18/2017The stupid are now poor stupid 18 hrs agoHow to Fight Wild Animals 22 hrs agoShowing Their True Colors 17 hrs agoCNN: "DON'T SAY IT'S FAKE NEWS!" 14 hrs agoDriver Sacrifices His Tesla 22 hrs agoA human blockade?