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/b/tard goes on a date.

/b/tard goes on a date. Why do I always messeverything up /b/ res?sbe mesets me up15 KB JPG with a blind dateup on time dressed wellsshe is way too hot for mesuecide I need to be funny to keep herinterestedKnight goes on and we' re just talkingball is goodsshe says she takes care of her sisters kidwhile she is in jailbasks me if I like kids3: -now' s my chance, don' t want to be boringmay "I love kids!

insight from a nazi

insight from a nazi bbe me, proud heterosexualstance up and down the street with my straight brethren dressed in flanneldown to our boxers and grind our pelvises against our wives while peoplecheerswave signs showing our negative HIV test while arrogantly stroking our beardsllast float rolls by, its all pregnant woman with long natural colored hairo'clock strikes 12: 01, marking the beginning of # / t monthenraged and go on a day bashing spree knocking out lesbians teeth and kicking faggotsin the balls because every day isn' t about my sexualityThis is what faggots believe.

Anon hires a prostitute

Anon hires a prostitute Hi mean i shouldn' t complain you' re giving me business but ijust dor/ t' re young.