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Copper Dreams Updates #5-6, ,843 and Counting

Since the last time we checked, two more updates have been published for Whalenought Studios' Copper Dreams, a cyberpunk RPG that promises to bring the same philosophy behind Serpent in the Staglands to a more modern and grimy setting, and turn-based combat.Update 5 highlights a recent feature from Kill Screen and notes that the project has been greenlit on Steam, while update 6 offers some details on the leveling and sneaking systems.

Copper Dreams Funded, Updates #7-10

The team behind the Copper Dreams Kickstarter campaign has plenty of reasons to be excited today, as the campaign has been fully funded with 37 more hours to go, which means they've raised almost $10,000 since we last checked.While this news is very important, we'd be remiss not to mention that the team has also published four new campaign updates too in the meantime.

The weirdest dreams and worst nightmares in PlayStation gaming

The weirdest dreams and worst nightmares in PlayStation gaming Settle back, get yourself comfortable, and kiss goodbye to consciousness as we check out PlayStation’s best shut-eye shenanigans.Built on the concept of ‘play, create and share’, it gives you control of a little imp, then enables you to manipulate dreams.