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Copper Dreams Update #13

Copper Dreams Update #13 After a period of prolonged silence, Whalenought Studios of Serpent in the Staglands fame, bring us a new development update for their next project - Copper Dreams.The work on this isometric cyberpunk RPG is moving along and things are nearing the Alpha stage.

Copper Dreams Update #14

Copper Dreams Update #14 The latest Kickstarter update for Whalenought Studios' cyberpunk RPG, Copper Dreams, takes a long and detailed look at the game's peculiar dialogue system.There's a lot there, so here are just the opening paragraphs to give you a general idea of what's going on:

A load of malarkey

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Copper Dreams Update #16

Copper Dreams Update #16 Whalenought Studios are back with a new Copper Dreams Kickstarter update.In it we learn that Joe, one of the developers, had to spend some time at the hospital, and if that's not a valid reason to delay rolling out the alpha version, I don't know what is.

I guess I can still hang out with her

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