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/pol/ prays for Trump

/pol/ prays for Trump Cl WTF are they doing at the White House?33133355355 331 33360948 33133351132 3313335121?

Tummy Thrusday Mini Comp

Tummy Thrusday Mini Comp Petition for new aquaman media 20 mns agoI guess he still loves her?26 mns agoFunny Parenting Tweets Of The Year So Far 32 mns agoTHUMB THIS UP OR I SWEAR ILL DO IT 38 mns agoUltra Beast reference sheets 42 mns agoThe Roach Farmer of /fit/ 1 hr agoFriends Are Scared of Fire 1 hr agosick sniping skills matey 1 hr agoLooking out for one another 1 hr agoA great bonding experience 1 hr agoGremblo Twitter Escapades 1 hr ago

Memes that taste like the food from the school cafeteria

Memes that taste like the food from the school cafeteria The title wrote itself, honestly 3 mns agoMFW when i'm finished studying WWII 13 mns agoI made a thing, FJ (Mystery Dungeon Remix) 15 mns ago" Offensive as hell, pickup lines." 22 mns agoKnight Artorias and Sif cosplay.

Local Man in his mum's root Cellar

Local Man in his mum's root Cellar I live in my mother' s root her knowledge.I managed to clean up a bit and remove a ton of piss bottles trom here today.

full-costume behind the scenes pics.

full-costume behind the scenes pics. Texas Wants To Make It Legal To Run Over Protesters 6 mns agoThe Wise man and The Bright Boy 17 mns agoSweet memes that melt in your mouth 19 mns agoMuranese!Shiiton Gakuen Chapter 31 19 mns agoFidexhofo Giep Leruiflysu 24 mns agoLHS 3447 to Sagittarius A* Without Hyperspace 34 mns agoDunia Vouputerc Bustichepe 39 mns agoWinnie the Pooh now officially banned in China 59 mns agoVoko Xeevn Katab Ytlyowad 1 hr ago

Robot has a realization.

File: M: (W KB, 2303291]nuw realized thatyou' re suppouse to Hum dawn toylet we perEhwhat hare yen been doing with it?I PUT IT IN THE BIN BECAUSE THATS WHAT, WAS; TCALD TO DC: NOW I REALIZE WHY Aet) PLE STRIPPED ME TO THEIR HOUSE in!