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Anon has an essay

Anon has an essay File"?33 MB.

trans people deserve access to your genitals

trans people deserve access to your genitals these two redeveloped my faith in offline gaming 23 hrs agoMagical trash from the Alpha and Omega 7 hrs agoThe Time I Almost Committed Suicide 21 hrs agoAnon use a meme page to influence a election 16 hrs agoFirst new villain in samurai jack 19 hrs agoElsanna's Webm Collection Part 7 15 hrs agoThe worst case of "Internalized Fatphobia" 20 hrs agoWhen You Love The Switch a Little Too Much 21 hrs agopromoting healthy eating is considered fat shaming now 20 hrs ago

employees hate the game too

employees hate the game too Schizophrenic and arrogant, working here left scars‘H v Employee tn EdmontonI Doesnt Recommend I Negative outlooktwerked at Bioware glemme (More than 5 years)No OpinionwasPaula": m the development teams do incredably things small perilous m whatmade this company great slut remain If you get attached to one (witness parts or theorganization you will nave an amazing experienceA reasonable amount mime beerAbout the only email Hymn want to work somewhere and We tn Edmontoncansthe rest ovine company ts a bloated organazation plagued by Immaturebehaviors and a lack m mg mute thinking Personal agendas run mo, with the mo myuu' expect vram an high school People who try toassess/ address/ improve the are singled out and persecuted, and their turnover tsmu - almost all either!talk Just let rtMany burns got cut due to too much time extension to get the game donesnowlessAdvice to ManagementNut going to waste my breath on this one sadly they wont listen anywayl would of choose differently"H v Employee tn Edmonton ABI Dean!

anon doesnt need a toilet

anon doesnt need a toilet File: peppering to KB, 300x168)I C) Peeing out the window Anonymous 03/ 29/ 17( Wed)Here' s what happened awhile ago.I feel like fate must be involved.

Anon is a Fag

Anon is a Fag My dad is not pleased with this fact.Half the time his homophobia doesnt even make sense.

Meanwhile At Ronnie's Makeshift Indian Call Center

Meanwhile At Ronnie's Makeshift Indian Call Center Finally got to one of these myself again, although not due to lack of trying.I've just been busy with other things, irl things to be exact of course.