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Life of a manlet

Life of a manlet Like one of your french girls 5 mns agoWhen freedom sandwichs take over anime 8 mns agoBill Nye the "give me cash and I'll say anything" Guy.15 mns agoI foresee a can of whoop ass in the near future 28 mns agoKickass Facts Compilation: It's Not Kickass At All Edition 47 mns agoPic of rusty steel girder near a pump in a copper mine nearby 53 mns agoOne last card up his sleeve 1 hr ago

'Batman' Takes Over Suicide Squad!

'Batman' Takes Over Suicide Squad! Always believe even when the trash is gone 23 hrs agoHadocex Yssuitelay Wablels 21 hrs agoDnD is classist and racist!23 hrs agoAussie celebrates his heritage.

/pol/ finds something interesting about the french election

/pol/ finds something interesting about the french election Anonymous no ) lil 1MARINE LE PEN ANALYSISjpg289 KB JPGDoes this really make you think?WEIRDSource: http: l/ /5 Anonymous (ID: () SI'05/ l 7( Thu :04: 45 Nta, 124068342I have no idea what I am looking atbe 1 24068723 itAnonymous (ID: -N ICandidates appropriation in Social Medias during timewith percentage of supporters per country.