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Never hit a lady

As I was growing up, my mother taught me "Never hit a lady"It was years later I realised, a lady never does anything that deserves to get hit.That's why I hit a woman in the mouth this morning when she tried to throw her fresh cup of coffee on me because I wouldn't give up my seat so her fat ass could take up both seats on the bus.

stolen memes and shit 9

stolen memes and shit 9 And Here I Thought Pearl Loved Cake 4 mns agoI did not just get married fj!17 mns agoРусские слова 22 mns agoToy Story World Confirmed 54 mns agothe Jews fear the samurai,and there's samurai all over the world.

funniest fact check ever :D

funniest fact check ever :D Get well John Mccain from /pol/ 3 mns agoWhen the teacher says, find two partners 4 mns agoAs a dad, I need to do this 4 mns agoI got a bad feeling about this 20 mns agoI wouldn't believe him either.40 mns agoTrying out doing a comp 1 44 mns agoAnon doesn't know what a goblin is 47 mns ago

What a douche bag

What a douche bag If ‘four Girl Has Been with Either Ewel If Your Girl Has Been With Dth{.)How does that notautomatically makeAlil How could you raise207 '' ' a family with her?