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GM Advice: Roll with it

GM Advice: Roll with it How to improvise can't be learned by reading some random idiots opinion on the internet, you can only learn that by doing it.Don't plan to tight/ railroadOnly plan out the key components of your game and don't be afraid to switch them around.

your waifu is a shit

your waifu is a shit This ain' t really a donut steel, but still weirds me out-Pplaying L) ) wont remembering edition)Hm playing a barbarianas brawler.and the ability's take flurry of blows as a featHm no powerhouse, but I can do some decent damage.

Anons have bad DMs

Anons have bad DMs a File: (101 KB, 960x683)Stories of shitty Dms, or campaigns.Bonus points for stories about players getting back at shitty Davl' s.