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List of Racial Slurs

DwarvesBeard-goblinFlea-bearded alestainStuntyPump SuckerStone *******half-sized alcoholicrock eaterStone DomesDiggerGutter RatsAngry FootstoolRockheadHairy HalflingTunnel RatPubic FaceCave HippoOremongerBushiesGut DraggersLumberfootHalf-ManGnomesSpudsgold diggerdirt-lickerhammer midgetcopper polisherrock biterstone humperdirt fariekeg bellypyrite-muncherHairy BreweryElvesLeaf lickersDandelion EaterPointy earsKnife-earsSharp earsBeardlessPole-proportioned dendrophileFairy FolkTwiggersDrow (except to Drow)Wood-HeadsFancy LadTree-thumpersRabbitKeeblerLeafblowerarrogant stuck up tree fondling hippiestree huggerbark snifferwaste of immoralityfarie wannabestinkerbellwingless farielight weightsmushroom dancersfaithless woodland spritedew drinkerfey mongrolsdiscount dryaddaisy snifferweed eaterbird bonedoozebaitDrowUnderscumFilth-SkinChimmney SweepCavemenAsh-Facetall dwarfsdirt elvesmoss lickerSpider KisserAnyone who isn't a drow:Iblith (meaning excrement)Half-ElvesBy elves:MongrelsBastardsHalf BreedMudbloodsMayfly BabiesBy Humans:Fling KidsTraitor BabiesMuttsMulesHalfwaysHalflingsHairy doorstopHill goblinHairless DwarfLeatherfootDwarflingGnomeShaved DwarfSneakiesAnkle BiterHalf menDire-MidgedBilboRuntArm reststicky fingerssmall fryhobbitshin lickerall-you-can-eatfairy giantHumansSoft onesRound earsPink ThingMayflyPinksDustSpoon-EarsJoe BloggsFull-lingsSmoothskinSwineDire HalflingLumberfootPig SkinShortlivedDoublingsWorld-blightTree-killersMonkeyrabbit spawnmilkskinswhore-raceCattleMortiesroundteethDragonbornsLizardFly eaterFake-drakesTall KoboldIguana WannabeSnakeskinWyrm WannabeScalieBootScalebacksLizard BrainWalking PurseSkinksLizardfolkForked-Tonguesdragon trashnewtGeckowyrm rejectovergrown iguanaGnomesQuarterlingKneeLickerMini-elfHalflingMushroom suckerAnkle BiterFat FairySniffersTinkertotsLawn ornamentsBug-Eyed StumpsShaved goblinGlammer-slingersDwarflingsdiscount dwarfcone headlawn dartsHalf-orcsSwampskinTusk-FaceGreenskinsSlimeskinDorcForcNecro-BreathPig-FaceTuskersGruntScumbreedHalfbreedLumberfootThe green beastSavagesgreen apebroccoli headogre droppingsTieflingsDevil spawnSideshowDevil bastardHellspawnBrighteyesGargoylesBullheadsHalf-HellsPoxDemon ChildHandle HeadsClip-ClopsGoat FaceUnloveablesFreakFailbirthFilthUnbirthHell-touchedTainted OnesTall ImpsKenkucrowravenparrotFlightlessHollowbonesNoisemakersMockingbirdsCaw-CawsPeckersCopycatsJabbersAasimarGod's PetGoody Two ShoesWingless Earthbound bastard Half breedBirdyChickenbrainChickenAngel FaceAarakocracrowravenparrotHollowbonesBird-ManPigeonCaw-CawsKoboldsScaly GnomesLittle LizardfolkYippersGnollhunger slavemuttcurDogCarrion-eatersWarforgedRustiesclinking clanking clattering collection of caliginous junkDumbellsHunk of JunkLemonGolemsWalking talking toolsDummiesScarecrowsDollsMarionettes / PuppetsMade-to-OrdersFakes / FacsimilesWalking Casketrust bucketgear headscrap heapgolemrobotGenasiFireCold HeartMatchstickHazardSunburnEarthGravel bedSedimentarySlabsAirLeaf BlowerSpark PlugUnfavorable FartWindbagsWaterAlgae InfestedSaltySoakheadGoblinsGreenskinGobberSlimeskinTrash GnomeOrcslaveTabaxiFleabagHairballCatWorm farmTritonfish f*ckerDolphin bornWet blanketCoral EaterFirebolgGiant Half-BreedOvergrown DwarfHalf-Baked GoliathGoliathMini-GiantTribal BoyStoneskinCentuarsClippity-ClopsHorse BastardsHalf-Horses

Dungeons and Dragons Enters the 21st Century

Dungeons and Dragons Enters the 21st Century When you think about a night of Dungeons and Dragons, you probably think of a bunch of your friends packed into a basement, nommin’ on pizza and shooting the shit.Wizards of the Coast (D&D’s publisher), while generally pretty amazing, the company’s been resistant to modernity, letting countless fans and third party groups run D&D stats and rules sites.

DnD Comics: Old Campaign

DnD Comics: Old Campaign Drunk man cries during Oscar in memorium 14 mns agoWalking to Walmart for Lunchables.27 mns agoShe's so into you though.

Magic Item Cards by R-N-W

Magic Item Cards by R-N-W be aware of your surroundings 4 mns agoI've waited for this fan art.12 mns agoIt's all over now, Baby Blue - Not the Rolling Stones 18 mns agoMy view of the sun getting blocked out today 28 mns agoand the day has finally come 1 hr ago

Need dungeons for your dragons?

Need dungeons for your dragons? Jeanne's Thick Thighs, Denim Shorts & Skindention 5 mns agoI Lost a Piece of My Heart 10 mns agoFj needs a proper cleansing 13 mns agoWhen I try talking to girls 16 mns agoWhat a beautiful culture, we need it here ASAP!23 mns agoAnd ANTIFA goes down for the count; right in the jigglejoggers 43 mns agoGames you loved from the start.

Roll For Initiative With This Dungeons & Dragons Gift Guide

Roll For Initiative With This Dungeons & Dragons Gift Guide That’s why you’ve got to get other D&D players awesome gifts for special occasions.When the DM Smiles, It’s Already Too Late Dungeons and Dragons T-Shirts Anyone who has played through a D&D campaign knows the sly smile of a DM when you’ve rolled a critical miss.

The worst thing in dnd

The worst thing in dnd "Get back to me when a fat girl does the same thing." 19 mns agoGotta love meaningful dialogue 23 mns agoHow Papa Gil Solves his kid problem 27 mns agoGet them before it sells out boiis 51 mns agoWinner winner fidget spinner 53 mns agothe lesbian mating dance.

The Story of a Melonbarian

The Story of a Melonbarian File: beer barbarian.igg (97 KB,Alright ttge I' m you the story of Lunk the Barbarian.