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D&D That Guy

D&D That Guy I recall a group almost ten years ago where "THAT GUY" was a relatively new player to our gmap and wed agreed the game was going to be about fantasy DEED heroics _ So he shows up with this drunken old man butof a fighter.Meanwhile we' re all playing young kind of weeaboo anime hem types-We tolerated him and how alten he' d tells.

D&D Broken Barbarian

D&D Broken Barbarian Our barbarian saved up an his nuns}; tram mm dungeons, until he was able in buy a few items mat, inBait at Ant Haul tripled his sawing imagine a libel barbarian a spliced metal animal at yeti, and than shouting, and watching the E innit plasma tum trite a Ethat its.

D&D Magic Trap

Grim Teeth' s taps, weathers, and brethern :: -reeree mama nee Is In ,teeth , andthere hisJ, , Here' s a clever trap I heard at anither :E The players fennel themselves in a me were the fanned patterns.ll the players east Detect Maple ll mute reveal every heel: and In the library tahe mast", eerie -at the beets er had anything helm maples] them.