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Inside the Development of Dishonored 2

Inside the Development of Dishonored 2 GameInformer has published a video interview with Arkane Studios' co-creative director Harvey Smith focusing on the development of Dishonored II and the culture at the studio.No breaking news or additional information on the game, but if you're interested in the process of development and the philosophy at the internal Bethesda studio (though one with a pretty extensive independent past), it's well worth a watch.

Dishonored 2 Devs Discuss Exciting New Power Combinations

In the precursor to Dishonored 2, players were given a plethora of extraordinary supernatural abilities to wield and chain together in combat, but it seems as if the forthcoming title in the stealth-action franchise is taking the concept to a whole new level.In combining the two, Emily linked several enemies to the doppleganger and then killed it to take out everyone in one fell swoop.