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/pol/ discusses Shaun King.

/pol/ discusses Shaun King. Shrinking ""'If white men were banned from America,sex crimes against children wouldPLUMMET.I' m serious.

/pol/ discusses the titanic

/pol/ discusses the titanic Board /pol/ - T I Settings Home5 Anonymous (ID: i E’04/ 03/ 17( hhow) 01: 35: 50 No.49 KB JPG5 Anonymous (ID: )liq04/ 03/ 1 7( hhow) 01 :36: 41 No.

/pol/ discusses battle armor

/pol/ discusses battle armor Board {pelt - Politically incorrect I Settings HomeI Anonymous nu: ave: -Aer )ENext Berkeley Event Gearheimer.KB JPGI attended this Berkeley event.

/fit/ discusses women in wheelchairs

/fit/ discusses women in wheelchairs 04 6 hours agomus hes into waterwalks away while eating teddies and sippingnesquik with trendy straws1 replyEl hours agoJPG 2418 no 600x900smushes into wateryher arms begin pinwheelingspuddenly sonic boom from rotatingarmswho is moving quickly newacross the water' s surfaceht for youyou try to runait' s too latesshe hits you going over1 reply

/bant/ discusses racism and disabilities through memes

/bant/ discusses racism and disabilities through memes How They Make It Looks So Easy?5 mns agoSuastus Hair Tatl Erimascu 8 mns agoThat boy grew up to be Stephen Hawking 29 mns agoFidget spinner trick that has the world hooked 36 mns agoHe's a great stormtrooper 49 mns agoShould we nuke North Korea?

/bant/ discusses international politics ft. Seinfeld

/bant/ discusses international politics ft. Seinfeld I think it looks more like a puma 4 mns agoPresident Trump Delivers a Statement After Briefing on N.Korea 12 mns agoAI and Humans now have the same rights in China 29 mns ago"People said we were bad" 29 mns agoJoJo's Bizarre Summer Break Chapters 77 and 78 31 mns agoMike Pence's website has been hacked 34 mns agoThat's none of my business though 39 mns ago