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It's discrimination to not fuck disabled

It's discrimination to not fuck disabled We need to pass laws that make it a felony for a girl tosay no to a person with a disability.I say this more asa statement than anything else.

Anon helps a disabled girl

Anon helps a disabled girl E Anonymous (ID: -1 EB20452929 sfssee girlsin wheelchairclift is out of servicelooks a little perturbedherioffer to carry her up the stairsoh that' s very sweet of you but-"preassure her of my strengtha little, just to get the message acrossbut really-"suecide to be alphaajust fuckin pick her upsay muchcarry her up the five flights ofstairsher clownoff with a slightly smug expressionjust sits there, unable ts do anythingwithout her wheelchair

Suppe Fold Diac Ytodutupt

Suppe Fold Diac Ytodutupt amen Np''i' m a 16 yr old disabled, non-binary creative & aspiring model.your rt' s can help me get a chanceat success & opportunity, thank101 K Retweets Likesll) Replying to (g)OOH HEY i' a fernand and mypronouns are she/ her, they/ them!