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Anon is a metal gear enthusiast

Anon is a metal gear enthusiast ea couple of months ago31258 folder of Metal Gearwhen we fuck I directly quote shit from Metal Gear gamesyou' re pretty good" and shit like thatbin a relationship fora monthsRome back homemail her namemo responseinto my roomewes sitting in front of my computer.watching MGSV trailershat the fuck are you do-"iunderstand what happenedewe alt tabs to the folder.

4,023+ MS-DOS Games For Free In Your Browser

4,023+ MS-DOS Games For Free In Your Browser You need to login to view this link1.DOOM is not included in The Archive sorry for the misinformation.

Stolen Directly From Tumblr

Stolen Directly From Tumblr Uncle Vinnies Blatantly Used Dank #5 21 mns agoWell Life Takes Its Turns 54 mns agothese are pictures in my pictures folder 1 hr agoElvis the Alien I Do Not Like Overwatch 1 hr agoPretty much my whole reason for exercising 1 hr agoBe careful before choosing 2 hrs agoGive Your Pets a Bath FFS 2 hrs agoDIE, SPRINKLER, DIIIIIIEE!2 hrs agoHave genders gone too far?