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His Wife Died, Trump Calls Once A Week

His Wife Died, Trump Calls Once A Week New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was asked to defend his relationship with President Trump, he explained that the Republican was a good friend and offered him a lot of support during a dark time in his life.The long-time Democrat and Obama donor explained that his friendship with Mr Trump predated his run for the White House, the new president demonstrated his loyalty back in 2011 when Mr Kraft's wife, Myra, died of cancer.

Spider-Man Facts to Give You the Feels

Spider-Man Facts to Give You the Feels However, after a talk with Aunt May, he elects to spend the night with the hospitalised Betty watching movies, just like when they dated years prior.(in full costume, no less) Peter once visited a young, terminally ill, boy named Tim after learning he was a huge fan of Spider-Man.

Kim Jong-Un's brother died

Kim Jong-Un's brother died However, they named him as "Kim Chol", not Kim Jong-nam.The late Kim Jong-il's eldest son is thought to have fled North Korea after being passed over for the leadership.

A punishment worse than death

A punishment worse than death Ok, some background info.This takes just an hour after Bart Allen who was the Flash died in "Flash: The Fastest Man Alive" 2006.

Media Trust has Died

Media Trust has Died The MSM already dominates the 'left' of the playing field.In addition, as stated earlier, 51% of their viewership's trust comes from Democrats.