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How Could This Happen

How Could This Happen For once, I'm glad that the Pats won 23 hrs agoNot all heroes wear capes 14 hrs agoAnon sums up Super Bowl 51 10 hrs agoA Tale of Two Rulers Part 80 15 hrs agoHow ancient ruins look when they are new 16 hrs agoSnowflakes ETERNALLY BTFO 02/06/2017when you turn off the lights 19 hrs agoA Tale of Two rulers Part 81 10 hrs ago


WHY DIDNT WE LISTEN Waking up a cat with a firecracker 23 hrs ago".try that again.

Is Wendy's Twitter run by one of us?

Is Wendy's Twitter run by one of us? Follow V"The Science Behind Wendy' s Frosty is French Fry PhenomenonShe minded me with science!And by she, I mean we cream-shrillest.