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Hitler Didn't Die for This

Hitler Didn't Die for This Calling Islam "uncivilised" or saying that gay marriage isn' t really marriage would get youcharged with inciting hatred.Suggesting that people should buy guns "for " would be considered incitingviolence, which carries serious penalties as well.

Engineer's Guide to Problems

Engineer's Guide to Problems The Snark on this guy is EPIC.21 hrs agoDeclare ANTIFA a terrorist organization 22 hrs agowho's a good boy?

How Could This Happen

How Could This Happen For once, I'm glad that the Pats won 23 hrs agoNot all heroes wear capes 14 hrs agoAnon sums up Super Bowl 51 10 hrs agoA Tale of Two Rulers Part 80 15 hrs agoHow ancient ruins look when they are new 16 hrs agoSnowflakes ETERNALLY BTFO 02/06/2017when you turn off the lights 19 hrs agoA Tale of Two rulers Part 81 10 hrs ago