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Anon explains Quantum Gayness

Anon explains Quantum Gayness i Anonymous 09111/ 15( Fri) : 56: 15We some trap an anon posted a fewdays ago.I didn' t save the pics withSQ I her dick in them because I' m not gay244 KB JPGhas long as you cam see the dick it' s not gaySchrodinger' s faggot

/g/entleman installs gentoo

/g/entleman installs gentoo Ci Anonymous 05/ 01/ 17( Mon) 09: : 09 No.Only pros use this.

That boy grew up to be Stephen Hawking

That boy grew up to be Stephen Hawking We didn' t have any, buther twin brother has - blood.I explained to him that it was a matter of lifeand death.

Sephiroth didn't kill Aerith

Sephiroth didn't kill Aerith tarren I ISepiroth didn' t kill Aerith.Sephiroth impaled her through a region the eady that deosn' tcompletely destrey vital organs (at most damage to the liver/ and largeintestine)Also no elem is lest in the scene he majer tweed vessels are damaged.