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Tyranny Developer Diary #1: The Vision of Tyranny

Tyranny Developer Diary #1: The Vision of Tyranny For the first developer diary blog post for Tyranny, Obsidian game director Brian Heins penned a write-up on the game's core vision.Making the player feel important from the very beginning and making the "evil" decisions more nuanced was a priority for this game, according to the developer, especially given the fact it focuses on choices and consequences: Considering how many interviews have discussed the premise of the game, I'm personally more interested in the next developer diary, which will apparently focus on the game's basic gameplay systems.

Tyranny Developer Diary #3: Fatebinder

Tyranny Developer Diary #3: Fatebinder Paradox Interactive and Obsidian Entertainment have published a new developer diary for Tyranny, their upcoming isometric RPG set in a recently conquered world or, as their marketers put it, where "evil won." This time they focus on the role of Fatebinders, the order that the player character belongs to.

Anon has an English assignment

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