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How the Arab Spring began.

How the Arab Spring began. IE' i View Reply Original ReportQuoted By: ::Mow this guy unintentionally destroy ed the Arab WorldAnonymous Gun 12 Feb 2017 : 15: 52 Reportpng.jpgGoogle limb do ' average blokeAnonymous Sun 12 Feb 2017 10: 33: 33.

Qualms of a Laptop User

Qualms of a Laptop User Canada To Pay Convicted Terrorist 10 Million USD 2 mns agowhen you don't care about dying 4 mns agoAnon makes the first move 13 mns agoNo!tHAT is NOT solid snake 17 mns agoDifference between branches.

Game of Thrones Dump #3

Game of Thrones Dump #3 /a/ Draws - Tell Me Why (Berserk OP) 46 snds agoThis Week in Stupid (09/07/2017) 9 mns agoSilly Ash, the writers won't let you have another Electric type 23 mns agoPolan can't into diversity 26 mns agoTwo myths meet, who would win 29 mns agoscreams internally AND externally 29 mns agoTwo faggots pranking gorgeous Admin 39 mns agoHissed Connections BONUS Chapter 41 mns agoYstai Nesabtil Waguakeirr 42 mns agoChurch Bans Gluten Free Bread.44 mns ago

The state of confederate statues in Texas

The state of confederate statues in Texas Police in Texas have warned far-left protestors that if they attempt to destroy or vandalize statues, gun owners can shoot them on sight.According to Texas police academy instructor, Phil Ryan, citizens can use deadly force to stop Antifa and BLM protestors from destroying any monuments or statues in their state.

Can't argue with that

Can't argue with that Youtube Flagging more videos.21 mns agoneppy nep and the tosty tost 30 mns agoProfessor ruins sleeping beauty 39 mns agoWhen you uninstall league of legends 40 mns agoUncle Vinnies Blatantly Used Dank #20 41 mns agoWhat is once seen, cannot be unseen.