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Dauntless Reveals a New Behemoth

Dauntless Reveals a New Behemoth Dauntless, an upcoming F2P action-RPG, flaunts a new addition to their Behemoth roster.Joining the previously announced Behemoths, Pangar and Embermane, Drask is a lightning-based lizard creature.

A simple description of what Tumblr is.

A simple description of what Tumblr is. Muppets : behind the music.7 mns agoMeeckiti Domyteva Lugakot 12 mns agoMachine gun melts a silencer 13 mns agoThat's was a pretty big jump in the middle there.

Dog gets two new legs after losing them in a sword attack

From Youtube description: A dog who lost its legs after a near fatal sword attack in Bangkok was given a second chance to walk again, after an animal shelter implanted a pair of prosthetic legs on the canine.Cola was nine months old when his two front legs were hacked off in an attack by a neighbor who found the dog chewing on a pair of shoes.