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Anon describes Trevor Noah

Anon describes Trevor Noah Vegans: but how can I make this about ME?19 hrs agoScrew you guys, imma going home 22 hrs agoWhat a Strange Questionaire 21 hrs agoLawbringer brotherhood transcends teams 21 hrs agoBreaking: Congress orders Man on Mars 17 hrs agolife wont ever be the same 20 hrs agoBefore you make a post about white people.

/v/ describes gaming in 2k17

/v/ describes gaming in 2k17 File: n (, 542x520)chili/ ; wehit costs ED bucksrelase with holes in itof paper that is the manual with just generic copyright indentationwait 30 minutes for it installalltime,, , Mulatto to wait an minutes for it Icy den-.have to tumble around to delete same older gamesPreorder ed have to pay 4.