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Anon describes Trevor Noah

Anon describes Trevor Noah Vegans: but how can I make this about ME?19 hrs agoScrew you guys, imma going home 22 hrs agoWhat a Strange Questionaire 21 hrs agoLawbringer brotherhood transcends teams 21 hrs agoBreaking: Congress orders Man on Mars 17 hrs agolife wont ever be the same 20 hrs agoBefore you make a post about white people.

/v/ describes gaming in 2k17

/v/ describes gaming in 2k17 File: n (, 542x520)chili/ ; wehit costs ED bucksrelase with holes in itof paper that is the manual with just generic copyright indentationwait 30 minutes for it installalltime,, , Mulatto to wait an minutes for it Icy den-.have to tumble around to delete same older gamesPreorder ed have to pay 4.

Anon describes the mods

Anon describes the mods lollollol Anonymous 1225229?-1 wmin.

Google’s handy Instant Apps feature for Android looks set to launch soon

Google’s handy Instant Apps feature for Android looks set to launch soon The Mountain View company is already conducting limited testing of the feature, but a recent APK teardown of the Google Play Store by XDA Developers has revealed that work is afoot to finally launch Instant Apps for one and all.The site came across new lines of code apparently directed at making it easier to opt-out of Instant Apps, while also revealing that an app’s Play Store listing could come with a symbol of sorts indicating whether it supports Instant Apps.