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The reality of Supply and Demand.

The reality of Supply and Demand. Click to block a category: mudkipfucker prev nextrandomComment PrevTopNextComment $690 was already way too too expensive.“We’re not talking about a limited commodity.

Anon asks for extra tartar sauce

Anon asks for extra tartar sauce mo to Long John Silvers drive thruborder foodbash for extra tartar sauceabitch hands me like 2 packetsdemand moresorry sir, we are only allowed to give out so many.If you want more we wouldhave to charge you for it"tthink about brandishing my pistolmy mind and ask for a cup of water (free)mull around and parkmuzzle waterMaire empty water cup insideWilli it with tartar sauce from the pumpDon' t fuck with me Long Johns

ICBM -162, -477:7A

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