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Anon has a flag collection

Anon has a flag collection yhave a flag collectionaalways have different flagshangingMast week decided to have atheme of Christian countriesthe USA, the Vatican, Poland, Brazil andItaly flagssolder brother and his girlfriend come to visitethey get my room for some reason, I have tosleep in the bathtubroan hear them through the walltthey are laughing about my 'creepy flags'tthey start having sex in my bedffeel angry about thateithe wall I am on the other side of is the one withthe Vatican flagcashout in a Italian accents" ISA THE POPE, STOP/ k HAVING A SEX'tthey go silentdoor openwalks into the bathroom and punchesme in the head then goes backtthey keep having sexKB JPGfucking normies

"Last night in Sweden" is every night

"Last night in Sweden" is every night Most people decided to focus on the "Last night in Sweden" part of his speech and mock only that part of it.Most of the media decided that these four words meant that he was talking about a terror attack that must have happened there "last night".

"But How Come His Posts Get Upovoted And Mine Don't!"

"But How Come His Posts Get Upovoted And Mine Don't!" A Quick Guide To Funnyjunk :Things you can be banned for:spamillegal activityporn in the SFW sectionthis one is extremely simple; nonipple, no gentials, no anus I noban.On , you have the right to say whateverthe fuck you want; on the flip side of that, people havethe right to say whatever they want about what you justsaid.