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Anon feels like Ant Hitler

Anon feels like Ant Hitler i Anonymous 07/ l (miimii/ I 7( Sat) 1 2: 1 5: 07 No.38385176I had ants in rnl/ house and decided to teach thema lesson, I had a large cup with a lid for proteinshakes lying on its side with some sugar in it, andsure enough after a while they l/ Vere all there, I putas many as I could into the cup then boiled thekettle, I flipped open the lid and poured it in, then Iturned the bottle upside down so they' d float upthrough the boiling water, then did it again beforethey got to the top SO for the next minute and ahalf they were constantly submerged, drowning inboiling waterfew days later I found their nest and boiled akettle and poured it over them, I felt like ant hitler,but they haven' t come back since

you dun messed up

you dun messed up You can' t use a red pen on a tesol!Yes, yes, perfect, PERFECT.

The man who survived two atomic bombs

The man who survived two atomic bombs Trash Knight 22: hug and fug the kobolds edition 11 mns agowhen i confess to someone 11 mns agohow anon meet his girlfriend 14 mns agoPentakill: Mortal Reminder [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] 17 mns agoEA will sell you the other half as DLC 22 mns agoHL2 16 * 4k monitors (16k) 30 mns agothe problems with fallout 3 35 mns agoSome more beginner writefagging 36 mns agoEmpty your cup, so you may fill it again 38 mns agoWhy cant you be like that?44 mns ago

Saved by the Queen

Saved by the Queen and decided togo to a gay bar by myself because some friendsbailed on me.I mentioned that I felt like I had a headache, andthis guy helped guide me out of the bar.