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Plane flies over /pol/

Plane flies over /pol/ C) Anonymous (ID: ) E02/ 02/' raichu) ala: 39: 58It' s a sunny day and you decide to spend it by chillin in the backyard,sitting on a deckchair and sipping lemonade or whatever else that you likeSuddenly, you see this plane flying over your head really high up.Depending on your country of origin, what would be your reaction?

Anon triggers a Vietnam vet

Anon triggers a Vietnam vet visiting ITN 21 year old girlfriend in thePhilippines3: -Both spicy food fanaticsDecide to () c) n a cruise to ThailandGreat time, having sex, hanging (out, etc etcrne) thing goes wrong and there' s a one day layover inVietnamgirlfriend and I go on a walk to pass the timeWe both get our headphones out and listen to musicy playlist is mostly rock, with a few other songsAphone in hand while we walkPass fl cute old Vietnamese couplepulls ITN headphones out of ITO/ phone, ,,, i( C) T (TI/ ears, totell me she wants ice creamrei) switches to full volume just in time for "It Amt Wis“ byC) C) to start playingman from the couple looks at me in shockI triggered a Vietnam i/ l/ -' veteranThis was like 8 days ago Imam she came back with (TIE) to theStatess watching (TIC) type this789709

Anon's day goes down the toilet.

Anon's day goes down the toilet. MI File: ital ta KB, 205x249)I Anonymous / ( Fri) [Reply].I honestly feel like ending it right now.

Liberal Media trying to decide tomorrow's headline

Liberal Media trying to decide tomorrow's headline Look what big sis can do!22 hrs agoflanderization at it's finest 19 hrs agoWould You Date This Cute Girl FJ?

/gay/ in a nutshell

/gay/ in a nutshell MI File: ', jpg (9 KB, 225x225)sbe mesin collegescamfag joins coursetells me he is ) f, gayfagstell eberyone abcat gayfags presencelet gayfag get awayfer at monthswet deckede Seduce gayfagsget him into my mm and mew multiple bouts of bareback fucking with gayfagsublease aide's cc classsafing when everyone finally knows that he' s a faggot